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PRICE $39.95

true response = true feel



  • 1 True Response Practice Pad (does not include sticks or accessories)
  • Dimensions: 9.5" x 11.25"

Not all practice pads are created equal.  Study the True Response Practice Pad and you will see why.  When we say “True Response” we mean it.  For example, what the back is made of is as important as the pad itself.  Just like the relationship of the drum shell to the drum head.  
We tested several options for the back of our True Response Practice Pad before we settled upon a heavier dense material that would give our specially selected padmaterial that “drum feel”.  Why a square back? Good question.  A square back gives you more placement options.  With the 9.5”x 11.25” square back, anti-slip material and a large 7.5” round playing surface you can place the practice pad on a variety of surfaces such as tables and music stands plus it is properly sized to fit nicely on your lap as well.  Although the True Response Practice Pad is designed to easily attach to the Stick Kit Stick Bag for portability it can be used totallyindependent (although we are biased in our belief that your missing out if you don’t have both).  For all of our products we don’t believe in skimping on research or the materials we use.  One bounce of a stick on the True Response Practice Pad and we think you will feel the difference!


  • True drum head feel
  • Large practice surface
  • Multi-surface anti-scratch anti-slip backing
  • Can be easily attached to optional Stick Kit bag