Drummer Boy Accessories

Product Guarantee

Like the hit tune in the ‘80s so aptly stated, “She works hard for the money”, we at Drummer Boy Accessories believe you work hard for the money as well. That is why we want you to feel as confident in buying our products as we feel about selling them.  Any Drummer Boy Accessories product comes with our 30 day guarantee.  That’s right.  Simply put;  buy it, try it and if you don’t want to keep it we understand (although we might be a little hurt we  promise we won’t hold it against you).  We will refund 100% of your purchase price.*

* OK, here's the part where the legal minds get their input. Our ultimate goal is to make you, the purchaser, happy.  That being said, we are a business and are required to state the following for everyone's protection. After all, the beat must go on. The Drummer Boy guarantee is for 30 days from purchase date.  Guarantee is for purchase price only. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.  Item must be in reasonable good condition less any standard wear and tear.  The guarantee is void if product has been used beyond intended purpose.  Ordinary wear and tear expected.  Refunds will be made after receipt and inspection of product.  Brute Percussion LLC and Drummer Boy Accessories assume no liability other than refund of purchase price not including shipping. The guarantee for combo backs is prorated individually to account for discounts.

In the event of warranty or guarantee claims, please call or email us for instructions.