Drummer Boy Accessories

Fast Facts

Founder: Bruce Klouda
Headquarters: Bend, Oregon
Clientele : music enthusiasts, drummers & percussionists, music retailers

Drummer Boy Accessories creates innovative drum accessories targeting drummers and percussionists.  Drummer Boy is dedicated to creating accessories that accentuate and improve performance of the newer trending drum/percussion products but not to negate the popularity of long standing items that appeal to traditionalists.  Currently six product groups have been tested and are in either the initial or final stage of prototyping.  The StickKit stick bag series is the first to be produced and launched into the marketplace in February 2016.

Mission Statement

For the love of drumming.

Whether you play full time professionally, just for fun or somewhere in between, our mission is to enhance your playing experience with unique products that are intuitively designed to make life easier and get you positioned to do what you enjoy most... play!


  • Nimble and can adapt quickly with personalized customer service
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • StickKit bag - unique, patent pending stick bag design
  • Unique components inside the bag - to be rolled out in phases