Drummer Boy Accessories
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The Best Stick Bag

The Drum Accessory kit that lets you pack your entire life and have it handy while you play.

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Not all stick bags are created equal.

The StickKit is not just another stick bag. It's patent pending design makes it the best stick bag available.

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Essentials where you want them.

It's unique design holds essential sticks and can be attached ANYWHERE to just about ANYTHING with the revolutionary Wrap N' Lok system.

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Feel the difference.

When we say "True Response" we mean it. Study the True Response Practice Pad and you will see why.

For the Love of Drumming

Whether you play full time professionally, just for fun or somewhere in between, our mission is to enhance your playing experience with unique products that are intuitively designed to make life easier and get you positioned to do what you enjoy most...play!

StickKit stick bag, Stickkit Too drumstick holder and True Response Practice Pad

Products of Drummer Boy Accessories

Drummer boy accessories, maker of the Stickkit Drum stick bag, has always been committed to creating intuitive, innovative and high quality drum and percussion accessories designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the most uncompromising drummers.  Our newest products are no exception, The StickKit stick bag, the StickKit Too drumstick accessories bag, and the True Response Practice Pad offer amazing features and breakthrough designs; some that are first in the industry.

"Finally, someone read my mind about what I truly wanted in a stick bag!"-T.H.